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Company in Brief

The company was formerly known as PT Central KorporindoInternasional Tbk. that was Incorporated
on 13 September 1999.

During its earlier period, the Company engaged in coal mining and trading. CNKO was later known
as one of the coal suppliers for PT Perusahaan Listrik Negara (PLN) and PT Indonesia Power (IP).

On 21 November 2001, became a public company by listing its shares on the Indonesia Stock
Exchange (IDX) with “CNKO” as ticker symbol.

The Company transformed into an integrated coal based energy company with business lines ranging
from coal mining, port, barge fleet and power plant, following a corporate action in the form of
Right Issue II in 2012.

CNKO will continue to improve the synergies among all of its business lines in order to achieve
the company’s vision as one of the leading energy provider in Indonesia.