Board Of Commisioners

Andri Cahyadi

President Commisionner

Indonesian Citizen, 43 years old, residing in Jakarta.Andri Cahyadi was appointed as President Commissioner of the Company in 2013. Previously was the Company Director in 2000 and Assistant Operational
Director of PT Dwi Guna Laksana (1999-2000). Also had a career as Supervisor at Holden Engine Company, Australia (1997-1998). Graduated with BIE (Bachelor of Engineering) degree from Monash University, Melbourne in 1998.

Djoko Sumaryono


Indonesian Citizen, 66 years old, residing in Jakarta. Djoko Sumaryono was appointed as the Company Commissioner in 2010. Had a military career in the Indonesian Armed Forces with the latest rank of
Vice Admiral (Ret.). Held a few high-ranking positions including Chief Executive of Maritime Security Coordinating Board (Kalakhar Bakorkamla) in 2006, Secretary of the Coordinating Minister for Politics and Security (Sesmenko Polkam) in 2004 and Commander of Western Fleet Command (Koarmabar) in 2002.

Edwin Pamimpin Situmorang

Independent Commisionner

Indonesian Citizen, 66 years old, residing in Jakarta. Edwin Pamimpin Situmorang was appointed the Company Commissioner in end of 2012. Served as a Prosecutor for 35 years until his post duty period in November 2012. Among the positions held were Deputy Attorney General for Intelligence (2010-2012), Deputy Attorney General for Civil Law and State Administration (2008-2010), Deputy Coordinating Minister for Politics, Law and Security for Law and Human Rights (2008), Attorney General Deputy Secretary for Civil Law and State Administration (2007), Head of South Sumatera High Public Prosecutors Office (2005-2007), Economic and Finance Director of the Intelligence Agency (2003-2005), Head of West Kalimantan High Public Prosecutors Office (2001-2003), and General Assistant of the Attorney General (2000). Graduated with a Sarjana degree in Law from the Faculty of Law of Padjadjaran University in 1997 and obtained a Post-Graduate Law degree from the University of Tanjungpura in 2004.